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Wedding Blooms on a Budget

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Marriage ceremonies and receptions should be beautiful; after all, the future reality they are presently reflecting will finally satisfy the cravings all things beautiful here on earth have made us long to behold. Flowers can be a part of creating that longing for the source of all beauty, but florals don't have to break the bank. Check out these tips making your first day of marriage lovely while staying under budget.

1. Re-purpose your petals.

How could you bring ceremony flowers into the reception space? Have bridesmaids place their bouquets in vases for table centerpieces or move large ceremony pieces to a hearth or food table. While you're imagining how to stretch your flowers even further to serve your guests, consider sending centerpieces or other miscellaneous arrangements home with friends and family who have blessed you as you've prepared for marriage or to shut-ins who were unable to attend the festivities.

2. Mix reception centerpieces.

Has an elaborate centerpiece design caught your eye? It's probably not beyond the realm of possibility if you're willing to use that design on some tables with simple groupings of candles, bud vases, or lanterns on others. The variety also adds to visual interest and a unique way to incorporate heirloom items. You can also incorporate future home decor or small house plants into the collection.

3. Know floral material costs.

There's a trend toward using bunches of filler and greenery in an effort to save money on flowers. If that's the look you want; go for it...just know that it's not necessarily cheaper. Bunches of alstromeria, carnations, and chrysanthemums of all types (fuji, daisy, button, cushion and more) come in at less than a dollar per stem. Carnations look especially feminine in white and pastel shades and mums are stunners in warm fall tones. Both carnations and mums can easily be painted to almost any color you can imagine! Hydrangeas are also a classic choice that fill an arrangement quickly; giving it tons of impact for investment. Ask your florist how prices compare by stem.

4. Save a design for a pre-wedding activity.

Do you have a large wedding party? Bridesmaid florals and boutonnieres can quickly add up in labor costs. Ordering buckets of flowers for bridesmaids to design their own bouquets or flower crowns as a pre or post bridal luncheon activity could be a fun way to relax and spend time together before the big day, but it's not right for everyone. Know your bridal party. Some would relish the creative challenge or find it therapeutic while others would simply become stressed.

5. Shop seasonally and locally.

Many perennial favorites are grown year-round in other locales and the price is fairly consistent. Roses are a classic example (except for February). Some specialty varieties don't ship well and must be grown locally or cost much more in the off-season. Think tulips in late winter, peonies in late spring and dahlias in late summer and early fall. If you plan to use a florist, ask about what is available in season or your flower farmer if you are planning to do it yourself.

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