Pick-Your-Own Flowers


Farm to Vase

As the Lord wills, we hope to open the flower patch by late June for socially distanced appointments on select evenings and mornings. Reservations will be limited to ensure an abundant selection is available for customers each day. Check social media and our events for updates on available times and blooms each week as well as changes due to weather. Current plantings include snapdragons, zinnias, globe amaranth, sunflowers, basil, dusty miller, cosmos, and a variety of wildflowers.

The flower patch can also be opened by appointment for family gatherings, birthday & bridal celebrations, and photography. Private appointments for bulk flower purchases are also available.

How it Works

Upon arrival, park to the left of the path in the grassy area in front of the tree. A pair of disinfected shears, as well as water and floral preservative for your container will be provided. There will also be drinks and sweet treats for you to enjoy as you pick.

You may want to bring insect repellent if you attend a sunset event. 

1. Pick up your cup

The container price includes as many stems of any flower and foliage as you can fit. Enjoy choosing your stems without the hassle of calculating as you go. There are a variety of container sizes dependent upon current availability.

2. Choose your stems.
Be sure to cut stems a little longer than necessary and pull off any leaves that would be in the water. This will prevent mold growth and save space for more stems. Cutting stems at an angle will facilitate hydration more quickly.

3. Enjoy complimentary breakfast or dessert and a drink.

We love supporting local businesses who provide our sweet treats.

Q & A

Can I bring my children if they aren't picking flowers? 

Please do! There is plenty of open space for a game of frisbee, catch, or tag! We'll have some activities they can enjoy, or feel free to bring your own!

Can I take photos?

Certainly! Remember to tag us on social media if you share!

What if I need a large quantity of flowers for an event?

Let us know so we can schedule a private pick and ensure there are plenty of blooms. Half gallon pitchers (30-40 stems) are $20 you-pick/$30 we-pick and deliver, and buckets (50-60 stems) are $30 you-pick/$40 we-pick and deliver.

How can I increase the vase life of my flowers?

Keep flowers out of sunlight, use the floral preservative packet provided, and make fresh cuts on the bottom of stems/replace water every 2-3 days.


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