Pick like a Pro

We would be delighted to have you as our guest in the garden. Here are a few

tips to build the best bouquet.

1. Include Foliage, Filler, and Flowers

It's easy to pack your vessel with big bright blooms, but they truly look their best with complimentary accents. Try giving your bouquet a collar of foliage for a complete look. Basil, Dusty Miller, Apple of Peru, and Mahogany Splendor add contrast and texture.

2. Strip Your Stems

Lower leaves left on flower stems will serve as a host for bacterial growth in the water, producing an undesirable smell and reducing your bouquet's vase life.

3. Cut at the Correct Stage

Some flowers will continue to open once cut while others will not. Sunflowers and Cosmos experience the longest vase life when cut just as the petals begin to unfurl. On the other hand, Zinnias should be fully open with sturdy stems. Celosia, Globe Amaranth, and Strawflowers can be cut at any stage and even dried.

4. Make Deep Cuts

It will go against your intuition to cut past little side shoots that could become flowers, but do it anyway. It encourages the plant to send up more long, straight stems.

5. Practice Post-Harvest Care

Give your stems a trim at a 45 degree angle and a fresh vase of a water every 2-3 days. Add a pinch of the floral preservative in the packet provided each time you change the water. Sunflowers and Zinnias are known for making the water appear dirty even if you have recently changed it, but a drop of bleach will help clear the water up without harming the flowers.

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